Last weekend....

Hello my dears,
Last weekend was partytime....2 partys in town 💃👠😎
First party was on friday " the Medieval Dance Night"  and once again i am wearing my current "favorite antler headpiece"  .... .... hah ... what can I say 😶 ... I am very grateful, overwhelmed and happy about yours Feedback❣❣❣
That this small fine headpiece causes such a resonance I never thought!
Thanks to you and all the lovely people who made my evening unforgettable 😙

And also a big thank you for your compliments to my photos / works that I post here and also for the compliment to my artist friend / Malemodel @ Reikon Devore (I have passed the compliments the same 😉 heartfelt THANK YOU back)

And here are the "beforethepartypicture " 💕

Photo / Model / Antlersheadpiece Tuahadedana
Moonbindi Reikon

PS: yeah it will soon be headpiece with these antlers to buy from me 😊😉

And the second party on saturday was "the night of dark romantic" party. I ve made one day before a little new headpiece from my "Gothcouture collection "...
My "🌛🌲🌜 Moon tree headpiece" , fabric roses and silver moonfiligrees and silver trees with a little bit feathers and tulle all together on a headband, simple design but i love the effect how it turns out and ive got so many compliments for it ...awww💕😙

...the second "beforethepartypicture" 😉

In the third picture you can see a little collar cape with appliques and selfmade resin crosses and feathers, from my "Gothcouture collection "😊🖤
The jewellery and moon bindi are also from Reikon

And now, i must go back to work on my new headpieces with antlers with patina effect for my shop and the festival saison ⭐

Wish you all a beautiful monday

Yours tuahadedana

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