Happy new year 2018

New year⭐

And a new post in english....

Well now i try to post everytime in english.
Because most of my customs are from all over the world and its a good chance to learn the language 😉

So whats happend the last months....

Many , many collabs and many beautiful and incredible pictures of awesome artists all over the world.
I am thankful to work with so many creative people together and looking forward of this year ❤

Let us begin with my first published....yeahhh unbelievable😮 i had tears in my eyes if i heard these news!!!

Here are some pictures who are published in Beaunumagazine issue Dezember 2017, and it was the biggest honour for me❤
Can not explain what i feel in this moment....unbelievable

The totaly amazing Marie Devilreux wearing my headpieces and collars and also a neckcorset & epaullettes. All one of a kind pieces ♡ of my "gothcouture collection".

Pictures are from the lovely Justine louise photography

Hope you enjoy my new post and wish you all a blessed new year 🔮💚⭐

Yours tuahadedana